Become a lifelong Investor

Running SIPs could be the motivating force for you to regain your job
Running SIPs could be the motivating force for you to regain your job
May 20, 2023
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May 30, 2023
Become a lifelong Investor

Become a lifelong Investor

Warren Buffet is 92 Years old but he is still very passionate about investments. He spends nearly 80% of his time reading. He studies companies’ profiles, financial statements, market reports etc. He also studies fiction and poems in order to properly understand the full perspective of life.

What is the necessity for one of the richest persons in the world to work so hard?

Maybe because he values being a lifelong investor. He invests in education, he invests in charities and of course he invests in financial markets. Because of being an investor for nearly 81 years (yes he started investing at the age of 11), he got what is most important in any investment. It’s the “time” that resulted in huge power of compounding! Today, he has not only amassed a huge wealth for himself but far more important are his contributions to the world such as-

1) Investment lessons that are pure gold for any long term investor.

2) The power of participation in strong businesses.

3) Having courage to become contrarian and still beat the market big time.

4) Enjoy big money without diluting the core values such as transparency, honesty and simplicity.

Investment should be a lifetime passion. Be it investment in health, education or in money. Investment in health is beautiful because you enjoy the fruits of wisdom as you continue to age. Investment in education is amazing because you keep on exploring the magical outer and inner world. Investment in money is miraculous  because you attain a magical state called Financial freedom. Also, contrary to the prevailing misconception that long term investment is a sacrifice of present life, investment is actually an enjoyable feeling. investing and seeing your hard earned money grow is one of the most satisfying feelings.

Many investors register their SIPs but don’t increase it periodically. Others start SIPs but only after a few years, they stop it. Until and unless it’s impossible to run, one should try to continue SIPs even if the SIP amount is bare minimum. Every penny invested today will become big later and create a huge fortune for you. That’s how the power of compounding runs  its magic workshop.

But you are investing not just for building a future fortune. Warren Buffet still invests not because he has to reap the long term compounding as he doesn’t have too many years left. He invests because he loves the game of investing. He knows he can continue to enjoy playing this game till he is alive and leave his wealth and investment wisdom for the benefit of the humanity in his physical absence.

Manoj Pandey