Is this what I so feared?

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February 25, 2023
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February 28, 2023

Is this what I so feared?

Most of the things in this world look scary or very difficult to handle at the outset. Many of us, especially those who started late, remember how onerous it was to learn driving. So much so, some people never even tried to learn driving. They convinced themselves that it’s too late for them to learn driving or why to even try which looks too difficult too risky.

Similarly, most of the people are super frightened by the thought of poverty. What if I have to live in a small rented apartment, what if I have to wear cheap clothes, what if I and my family have to eat staples of the poor? These thoughts make people continuously anxious & pressured and many even compromises with their values because they can’t stand to face these thoughts let alone the reality. Look at the plight of our media.

Here is the secret- More freedom can be gained by practicing poverty than chasing wealth. See, it is your freedom and not the amount of money which gives you lasting satisfaction and peace. You cannot get that most precious thing- freedom, by money, however big the figure is. Whether you are a lower middle-class struggler or high on the Forbes list, if the thought of poverty freezes you, then freedom will always elude you.

Some of the practices which could prove to be miraculous-

1) Practice eating simplest possible food once in a week. Maybe just boiled vegetable and simple cheap rice.

2) Practice no spending day once in a week.

3) Take bath in cold water. With little will power, luxury of hot water can be avoided even in winters.

4) Have a set of inexpensive cloths and have the courage to wear them at will.

5) Spend some days during the year at humble localities even in your own city. When you are young and single, practicing this is relatively easier.

With every practice, tell yourself- is this what I so feared? 

Also think of soldiers who rehearse the fight day in and day out and make themselves battle ready. Once you are poverty ready, lack of money thoughts will not terrify you. You will then move ahead towards your dream without fear without worry.

Regular practice of poverty gets those dreadful thoughts out of the way and make way for liberation. And then your life will take the most wonderful turn. A path towards awakened freedom.

Manoj Pandey