Life’s wisdom consists in the eliminating of non-essentials

Saying No is more important than saying yes
March 13, 2023
One More Bank in the US Fell down
One More Bank in the US Fell down
March 15, 2023

Life's wisdom consists in the eliminating of non-essentials

When we go to a supermarket and move around, almost everything looks essential for our needs. But when we order something or buy from a grocery shop, we tend to buy only what we need at that moment, in other words, what is essential.

Second scenario- when we surf on YouTube, most of the videos look interesting. Thus we tend to devote far too much time watching those videos which despite taking too much time leave us unfulfilled.

I have now figured out a few things-

  1. Income and available time is always limited but there are so many spillage outlets. In such situations, I keep asking-

           a) is this expenditure of time and money as per my values and priorities?


          b) Is this going to provide me fulfilment and satisfaction?

For example if I have to choose whether to go to a mall or a monument, I will deliberate-

– Which choice is as per my values of living a simple yet meaningful life?

– Which choice gives me more fulfilment and satisfaction?

Chances are that I may choose to go to a monument instead of a mall. But if in my family’s criteria, going to the mall precedes then I may change the option. This is because their fulfilment and satisfaction will become my value and fulfilment. The key thing here is “awareness” instead of blindly taking decisions and feeling dejected.

Dreams also play an important role in shaping decisions on expenditure of time and money. Our family dream to go for a world tour in 2025 is one of  my guiding lights for my ongoing financial decisions. Could we sacrifice a bit in terms of instant gratification and aim for something which provides me and my family a lasting fulfilment and satisfaction? If the answer is yes, then missing this instant gratification may not be that difficult. Rather, this sacrifice will be satisfying and fulfilling. Afterall, you have managed to live as per your values and priorities and this feeling will be as satisfying and fulfilling as attaining your eventual dream.

Manoj Pandey