Myths Vs Realities of success

February 5, 2023
Myths Vs Realities of Investments
February 7, 2023

                         Myths Vs Realities of Success



Success means a lot of money and fame. Being true to yourself and having a nice sleep is probably more important.
Its important to get rid of your weaknesses. Effective people focus on 1-2 strengths which puts them above the rest in those areas.
Dreams and big goals are paramount. Setting your fears and being prepared for any eventuality prepares you better.
Frugality is a sign of being miser. Learning the art of minimalist lifestyle is a great confidence booster. It also means being a responsible citizen for mother earth’s limited resources.
We are too busy to have fun travelling. There are many creative ways to move around places with some creativity and effective delegation.
Problems are big headaches. Problems are wonderful. Actively seeking and solving not only yours but even others’ problems make you super satisfied.
I think therefore I am. Thinking is a great tool but thinking all the time is a disease. Creating a thoughtless state is a great virtue.
You need to impress lot of people with your thoughts, writings and speeches. Doing something to impress others is a sure shot recipe of mediocrity. You honestly need to impress just one person yourself.
Disclaimer- These are what I consider, few myths and realities knowing fully well that there is no one who can claim the possession of absolute truth.
Manoj Pandey