Proud to be an Investor

How to set your financial goals
How to set your financial goals
April 19, 2023
Make your surrounding conducive for Investments
Make your surrounding conducive for Investments-
April 21, 2023
Proud to be an Investor

Proud to be an Investor

I cannot afford to invest now! This is the common refrain of many people who think of investment in linear terms. But I firmly believe that each and every one of us can be an investor.

Let’s see how to become a successful investor even if you are not investing huge money-

1) You don’t need a big amount for being an investor- I cannot emphasise this point enough because the act of investment is wrongly and conspiratorially associated with a big amount.  Oh I have very little savings so I will have to wait till my savings improve, they say. But why can that little savings not be invested? First of all, one should get rid of the notion that you need a big amount to start investments. Let the godsend blessing of the power of compounding to work by supplying what it wants the most- “Time”.

2) It is not about investment per se- Being an investor does not mean that you must invest money, come what may!  Being free of loans which are sucking your blood are more important. So if you are in a loan trap, the first thing you need is to formulate the strategy to get rid of your loans first. Once you have successfully cleared your loans in a time bound manner, there will be no looking back for you in the field of investments too.

3) Investment is not the sacrifice of present happiness- Investment should be viewed as education. When you are in school and college taking education, let’s see which mindset would be more effective?

– I need to study now because otherwise I will not get a good job.


– I love studying because it is so liberating. I am willing to work hard because this will provide me with such an effective tool that I will enjoy my lifelong freedom and wisdom.

Similarly, making an investment is so satisfying that this feeling can beat any immediate discomfort. Besides, it guarantees your future independence.

4) It’s a vote for your liberated identity- Investment is not just about making money though conventionally we have this mindset. Doing investment is a vote for your liberated identity which is not bound by the quantum of money. By investing, you are in effect demonstrating that you can live your life without being the pawn of your expenses. You are then working out your money challenges not out of frustration but from the attitude of strength and courage.

5) Tracking money strengthens your awareness- Most of the people don’t like budgeting, including myself. But what I like is being aware of money movement. Tracking every rupee that comes into your life and that goes out is literally like breathing in and breathing out. Being aware is so liberating that once you have tasted this, you would love it. Tracking your every rupee can provide a similar powerful meditative experience and freedom from useless thoughts.

6) Sometime spending is more important than saving- Effective budgeting is not cost cutting. It is about prioritising the areas where spending needs to pump in and areas where excess spending needs to cut down. For example, you may find that you are not spending enough on health, education or vacation. So you may ensure that you spend enough in these areas because then it would not be spending, it will be a precious investment for happiness, liberation and peace.

7) Don’t let money matters scare you- Last but not the least, don’t let money matters scare you. We are living in the age where there is constant pressure by various authorities and institutions who keep scaring us to toe their line through penalties and fines. I am not for one advocating to violate rules but despite all the precautions, you may end up at the receiving end. In such a situation, fight with all your legal rights against any such act but don’t let such penalties or fines disturb your peace of mind. At the end of the day, you are the master of money not the other way around.

Manoj Pandey