jyoti shrivastavajyoti shrivastava
05:40 11 Oct 23
Overall investment experience has been nice. Thanks for your services.
Saaransh KhannaSaaransh Khanna
04:53 02 Oct 23
Mainstream Investments has been associated with my family for over a decade now. We have our complete trust in them them to make the right decisions for our wealth management and investment decisions. They’ve never given us an opportunity to look at anyone else for advice - and I trust it to remain that way.Thank you Manoj uncle and the entire team!
Adil AliAdil Ali
12:57 27 Sep 23
Manoj has been handling our investments even before Mainstream Investment Services was set up and we had decided to follow him with our family investments when he set up this company. Its been a relationship that has continued to grow over two decades and they have not given any occasion to regret that decision. Sound advice, careful calibration of interests , even among individual family members , and service with a smile.
Anil AjmeraAnil Ajmera
03:20 27 Sep 23
It has always been an excellent experience with Mainstream Investments. Their team is highly knowledgeable , professional and dedicated to helping their clients to achieve their financial goals. They can understand one's individual needs well and what will be the risk tolerance in particular investment. Highly appreciable and commendable.
Manish MathurManish Mathur
03:11 25 Sep 23
I would wholeheartedly recommend Mainstream Investments led by Manoj ji. Their service is personalised with tailor made plans based on your risk taking abilities.
Narendra Kumar ThusuNarendra Kumar Thusu
18:15 17 Sep 23
I have been serviced by Mainstream Services for more than 15 years. To start with, in Mutual Funds & gradually  with other Wealth Management instruments. I have found its executives very diligent, very responsive to the requirements of their clients. I found them very knowledgeable, quite up to date on the latest developments & being quite honest whenever they feel that the client is heading for a pitfall. I am more than satisfied with their services & have recommended them to my family members & close friends. In fact, I have by now developed complete confidence in their competence levels & would recommend without hesitation to anyone looking for wealth management services. I wish them luck in their future endeavors.
Milind MahajaniMilind Mahajani
13:08 13 Sep 23
My journey with Mainstream spans over 15 years. In the beginning I used their services for purchasing mutual funds, and in a couple of years I was doing all my family's mutual fund investments through them.Then they started providing financial advice. I often bounced off my thoughts and ideas with them and got a lot of interesting perspectives and suggestions that proved profitable to me.When Direct Plans were introduced for mutual funds, I did not budge and continued to invest in regular plans through Mainstream.Why did I "sacrifice" so much return and continue to use their services? There are many reasons for my sticking to such a competent, ethical service provider:1) More important than the good funds they pointed me to, they saved me from bad mistakes that in retrospect would have decimated my portfolio2) Their commitment to service would be hard to find anywhere else. They always ensured that my redemption requests were processed with as much alacrity as my purchases.3) They have an in-depth knowledge of the mutual fund industry and have continued to be aware of the latest regulations and happenings through all the changes that have happened.4) Their devotion to ethics is absolute. They never gave me wrong advice even when it could have benefited them financially.5) It is so easy and pleasant to work with Mainstream. Whether over phone, text, email or in-person at their office, an interaction with them is an elevating experience that always left me feeling good.6) They are fully invested in their business and I have seen them grow their clientele regularly over the years. They do not distract their attention by trying to do many ventures at the same time.I was lucky to find Mainstream and I am glad I started my mutual fund investment journey with them.
Sagar GanjooSagar Ganjoo
13:21 02 Sep 23
I have been a loyal client of your company for over a decade, and I want to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional service provided by the team.Their expert guidance has played a pivotal role in helping me achieve my financial goals and secure my future.I truly appreciate the personalized attention, timely updates, and transparent communication that Mainstream Investments Services Pvt Ltd has consistently delivered. It's not just a business relationship; it's a partnership built on trust and results.I highly recommend Mainstream Investments Services Pvt Ltd to anyone seeking reliable and knowledgeable financial services. Thank you for a decade of excellence, and I look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration.
Most people prefer something enjoyable rather than worrying about investments. But we do want the security and financial benefits that come from solid investments. We at Mainstream Investments strive to make the whole process of investment safer and more fun without needing to think of it all the time as you head down life’s highway.

Financial Planning

Many of the financial plans for prosperity fail to achieve the desired results because they focus only on money which is just a tiny aspect of prosperity. What we need is paradigm shift in the way we think about prosperity. The programme that we designed focuses not only on financial freedom but also develop a proper perspective so that we enjoy the most precious thing ‘Life” itself..

So lets start the plan that is going to transform your life

The first step towards the prosperity planning is to be aware about our beliefs & feelings that are the barriers to our complete life. So what are your beliefs about money. Some samples.

Exercise-Write down all the reasons why you have avoided financial planning so far. After writing all the reasons just tear the paper off and celebrate for taking your financial future in your control. Now say- “I am taking my financial future in my hand and I have got rid of all my excuses. “Lets be absolutely aware that prosperity comes from within”.
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How we guide your dreams into reality

We at Mainstream Investments strive to make the whole process of investment safer and more fun without needing to think of it all the time as you head down life’s highway.

We focus on Preparing a Financial Plan


We focus on Systematic Investment Plan


We focus of Consistent Performing Funds


Risk Appetite, determining how much investment risk you can handle

Investor’s Success Story

I met Mr Ramalingham in 2007 through a reference from an existing client. In our very first meeting, I noticed the following things --

  1. Mr Ramalingham was a reluctant investor; he had never invested in mutual funds and in fact, was not even aware of them.
  2. For him trust was everything. He left everything to my wisdom. He simply told me “give me the forms and I will sign wherever you tell me to”.
  3. He believed in long term relationships.

It was a big responsibility to understand the profile of Mr Ramalingham and then decide the investment avenues myself. I simply told him that I was designing a portfolio with at least a 10 year time horizon and that he should not touch this money before this period. He agreed to the proposal.

I made him start with a combination of lump sum and SIPs in equity funds. I still remember that once we got the application forms filled up, he took them to the temple and prayed for divine success. I told him that he was actually praying for the Indian Economy to grow well. Because if the economy did well, so would equity mutual funds.

The prayer was certainly answered in a magnificent manner. What started with an investment of Rs 3 lakhs and a SIP of 5000 per month, is now a portfolio that has crossed a value of Rs 50 lakhs.

Currently, he is investing Rs 20,000 per month. His retirement is 5 years away and the required corpus for this goal is Rs 3 crores. He has a flat in Noida with a current value of Rs 60 lakhs, and the value of his PF is Rs 40 lakhs which he has earmarked for his retirement goal. Thus the remaining amount of about Rs 1.5 crores needs to be attained from mutual funds. He is planning to invest Rs 50,000 per month from 1st April so that he would come closer to his desired retirement corpus.

We wish him all the very best for his success.