How we build your portfolio

Most people prefer something enjoyable rather than worrying about investments. But we do want security and financial benefits that come from solid investments. We at Mainstream Investments strive to make the whole process of investment safer and more fun without needing to think of it all the time as you head down life’s highway.

We focus on Preparing a Financial Plan

Too many investors don't do enough planning and that results in not fully prepare for the future. You need a financial plan and we help you develop one for you and your family.

We focus on Systematic Investment Plan

The key to a secure financial future is disciplined savings. Saving of Rs 5000 at the age of 25 and you'll have Rs 2 Crore and sixty lakhs at the age of 60. Its that simple. We help people understand this simple yet most powerful concept of building long term wealth.

We focus of Consistent Performing Funds

We focus consistent performing fund-We advocate sticking with proven performers rather that latest, hottest and well marketed schemes being hyped and advertised by the media as this may expose your portfolio to higher risk and expenses.

Risk Appetite: determining how much investment risk you can handle

The risk profile of an individual is determined by a combination of factors. In many cases, the individual makes the wrong investment choices because he is not aware of his risk tolerance. Factors that affect your ability to take risk are Age, Income, Liabilities, Dependents and Field of work.