I have a dream. Let me set few goals as well

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February 19, 2023
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February 21, 2023

Remember the famous speech by Martin Luther King- “I have a dream”. One of the most profound speeches of all time.

This speech is most famous for the articulation of his dream which was the dream of countless Americans. This speech is still the guiding light for people who are fighting for civil liberty and equality all around the world.

The beauty of a dream is that they always find an exalted place. There is always an element of impossibility. Has the dream of Martin Luther King been fulfilled after 60 years of that famous speech? Answer is “no”, but American society definitely moved towards that and still finds inspiration to achieve that dream one day.

We need to distinguish between dream and goal. Yes, we must have a dream but we must also have clear goals with a clear roadmap to achieve them. Goals have a timeline hence we must maintain a certain discipline to achieve them. Also, we need to assess the feasibility of these goals and accordingly find the resources or trim down those goals.

Both dreams and goals fill our life with beauty and colour, provided you are not lost in future. Yes, dreams and goals look as if they are the things of the future and it’s like “I will be happy once I achieve them”. No, the real beauty lies in not losing your “now” and at the same time striving for the future dreams/goals. You are then like an arrow which is determinedly moving towards its target but at the same time enjoying its journey. And it is then, a magical state emerges which is called “Enthusiasm”.

Manoj Pandey