Money Meditation

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February 20, 2023
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February 22, 2023

Almost in every form of meditation, we observe in and out breath. When breathing is natural, why does the meditation process suggest watching the breath? Because, watching the breathing makes us more conscious. It is impossible to observe the breathing and at the same time think about the past and future. So, while meditating, you remain rooted in the “Now”. This is the very purpose of meditation i.e., to live in the now. Gradually, living in the now grows further in your life and you choose to live in the present even when you are not meditating. Or one can say, you are meditating all the time.

But if we remain not so present, not so alert with our money flows, then we will not be able to attain our full consciousness potential. Many people who are into meditation, don’t treat money with the same consciousness as they do their breathing or watching the mind. It could then become a weak link to their spiritual journey. Therefore, why not start observing your income and expenses? Just like you watch breathe in and breathe out, observe all the money that flows into your life and all that flows out. This will not only help you manage your budget and maximise your savings, but even more importantly, it will be a wonderful exercise for your spiritual awakening as well.

Manoj Pandey